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Boy Passion is a translation group for the Digital Manga Guild. This is where you can see our progress on your favorite yaoi manga. Currently, we’re working on translating Sailor Men, In the Sweet Palm of Your Hand, Spirit of First Love, and A Taste of Honey! Below are the links to our finished manga titles. Read one today and enjoy!
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Titles Update

Hey all! Just here to update you on the manga we’ve got out and coming your way soon!

First of all is the long awaited second and final volume of Blooming Darling!

The continuing love story of Takashi and Haruhiko is available on eManga, the Nook, and the Kindle now!They’ve some more hilarious romantic adventures, only this time with a rival thrown in!

Also now available is Knight’s Terms!

It’s a love triangle in the fencing arena! Or is it? Either way, this could get dangerous for the poor love-struck boys fighting for their love’s attention. Read the manga on the NOOK or the Kindle today!

Finally, Boy Passion’s very own exceptionally talented translator Tracy Wright has also localized Mad Cinderella!

Sakuichi and Ryota come from opposite ends of the social spectrum, but they’ve been friends since they were kids. Then, before leaving to study abroad, Sakuichi proposes to Ryota. And now he’s come back.

Read Mad Cinderella today on eManga, the Kindle, and the NOOK! I know I will!

Upcoming books are Sailor Menand In the Sweet Palm of Your Hand! Plus a whole lot more! Hang onto your seats, yaoi fans! Boy Passion has got your reading needs covered!

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Blooming Darling Volume 2 Is coming soon!

That’s right! Blooming Darling Volume 2 is has been translated and is in the process of being published! Read to discover just how Haruhiko and Takashi’s love weathers in the face of past girlfriends and over time. This volume even has the story of how our favorite side characters, Tsuzuki and Ryou, got together.

Also, if you haven’t read Blooming Darling at all yet, here’s a wonderful review by Ramona Ketsuban.

So get ready for another fun volume of our favorite flower shop romance!

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OMG!! Blooming Darling is NUMBER FIVE on a Bestseller’s List!

OMG gif

I can’t believe it!! I just looked and saw that Blooming Darling is NUMBER 5 on Amazon’s top 20 Bestseller’s list for the Kindle Manga!! Go Blooming Darling!!!

Yay gif

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Further stories about Steve, Tony, and the recently de-aged Young Avengers!

De-aged or not, Billy and Teddy are still boyfriends.

*is loving these* *grins*

By the way, Tony and Steve make GREAT super-husbands! ~,^

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Blooming Darling is on Nook!!

So if you wanna read it on your Nook or your Nook app, just go here to get it! It’s also available for Nook Color, so if you have it a Nook Color you can get the color cover! I promise it’s worth it either way! ~,^

Other ways to read:

Enjoy!! ^_^

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YAOI CLUB - B♥L: (≧∀≦)♪ This week’s new releases have arrived! Big thanks to our... →


(≧∀≦)♪ This week’s new releases have arrived! Big thanks to our localizers at the Digital Manga Guild for the awesome books!

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Blooming Darling Vol. 1 is FINALLY out!

Blooming Darling Volume 1 is finally out! It’s a sweet love story between the manager and owner of a flower shop and one of his workers. Throw in their zany friends (one of whom is a coworker) and things really get interesting!It has some beautiful art to go along with it’s sweet and fun story lines as well!

To take a look or buy the manga, go to eManga or to Amazon.  It should be available elsewhere as well later on, but for instant gratification, go to those links!


Volume 2 is in the Quality Check process now, so hopefully we’ll have an update on it soon! ^_^

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Blooming Darling Volume 1 — GOOD NEWS!

I just reblogged some tasty yaoi kisses to celebrate!

Blooming Darling Volume 1 just made it through its final QC! It’s in the Final Submissions Folder and ready to go to the publisher! Look out everyone for an adorable yaoi manga coming soon!

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A kiss of love.


A kiss of love.